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Top 10 Vocal Microphones for Music Production (11 Bonus Mics)

June 19, 2016

Here are the Top 10 Vocal Microphones for Music Production, finding great microphones for music production will always be a challenge. Not only do they need to have clarity, but they also need to work flawlessly and offer you results that you will enjoy. That’s why you have to figure out what microphones you can purchase so you can get an excellent, high-quality experience in the end.

How to choose microphones for music production?

There are a few things that you need to focus on when you want to purchase this type of receivers. The first thing you have to check is, of course, the price, sometimes $100 is enough, but if you want a good quality you will need to pay a little more than that. Also, you should opt for condenser microphones because they have a good wide frequency range and sensitivity. Connectivity-wise you can opt for USB or 3.5 mm, but the traditional XLR connector will do nicely as well.

Also, the large diaphragm cardioid models are ideal for recording vocals. On top of that, you should also try to get accessories like cables, pop filter, shock mounts or a stand, all of these are critical, and they can deliver great results!


Which is the Top 21 Vocal Microphones for Music Production?

1. Behringer C-1

The Behringer C-1 is an excellent model that not only manages to be excellent, but it’s also inexpensive. It features a FET amp which is built-in and a decent sound, much better than most of the models under $100.

2. AKG C214

The AKG C214 looks great, but at the same time, it’s filled with neat features. It integrates a 20db attenuator, an SPL of 156 DB and excellent performance with a great frequency range!

3. sE Electronics sE2200a II

Sure, the sE Electronics sE2200a II might not be as popular as some of the larger brand names, but it does feature a first large diagram condenser. It also integrates an Omni, figure 8 and cardioid in a single device. Good option with high flat tones and clarity!

4. Rode NT1-A

Rode NT1-A is popular with podcasters, and it does wonders with vocal recording as well. It integrates surface mount circuitry, cardioid patterns and gold plated diaphragm. The package does come with great accessories which are always a plus.

5. MXL 770MXL 770

MXL 770 has a gold plated diaphragm, and it manages to deliver nice features like a switchable bass cut and a great pad. It’s a solid mic and an inexpensive model as well which is always nice.

6. Shure SM-27-SC

Shure SM-27-SC is a dynamic model with a neutral frequency response, and it also manages to integrate a high low-frequency filter that’s nothing short of impressive. At this price, it’s an unbeatable model with great versatility and truly professional results.

7. Blue Microphones Bluebird

Thanks to the cardioid polar pattern, the real full frequency range, and the NTK class An amp, this device is indeed one of the most powerful ones out there. It also has great accessories, some of the best in the business.

8. Neumann TLM-102

The Neumann TLM-102 is one of the best models out there, and it’s quite expensive as well. It does stellar voice manipulation; it has an SPL of 144 dB, and I also integrates a great frequency capture that’s dependable and very professional.

9. Audio-Technica AT2035

Audio-Technica AT2035 has known thanks to the large cardioid diaphragm, and at the same time, it also delivers an excellent 80Hz high pass filter that you can switch up. The flat response is good, and the sound is clear!

10. Rode NTK

Home and studio professionals will love this. It integrates class A circuitry, a great wide frequency range and a 1” diaphragm that is gold plated.

11. sE Electronics Magneto

The sE Electronics Magneto is an inexpensive model that manages to maintain excellent clarity for a small price. It’s not the best in its range, but at around $100 it’s hard to complain about anything.

12. AKG D 5

Thanks to a great super cardioid pickup pattern and a dynamic set of features, the AKG D 5 behaves great under lots of frequencies, so it’s worth a try.

13. Røde M3

For an all round solution, you can give this model a try. It works for both vocals and instruments alike not to mention it even integrates a 9V battery which makes it versatile and portable.

14. Shure SM58

Shure SM58 has around 15KHz, and it integrates an internal pop filter, not to mention it also has a great feedback resistance. It lacks a little for the top end, but it’s still well worth the investment.

15. JZ HH1

Light and bright, this device has an active output, and it also manages to deliver a stellar little noise result too. Worth a shot if you want a good model under $200.

16. SE Electronics X1 USB

SE Electronics X1 USB has a very impressive sound quality. It’s excellent for the vocal recording process, and it works ideally for instruments as well.

17. Avantone CR-14

Aside from the strange look, this model does integrate an excellent EQ boosting. It is a ribbon mic though so you have to pay attention to the way you use it.

18. Sontronics STC

This one has a great lower end with tight controls, and it also integrates high rejection from the sides and the back. Great solution for vocalists.

19. Lewitt LCT240

Lewitt LCT240 is a classic model that manages to integrate an excellent, modern tone and a beautiful timbre.

20. Maroon Audio MT100

This Maroon Audio MT100 model is warm sounding, and it also integrates a power supply unit as well as a cradle. For a great sounding mic, this can be the perfect option.

21. MXL V69 ME

MXL V69 ME delivers lots of sheets and a nice lift for the top end. The design is also impressive, but the device is also close to $300, so it’s quite expensive and a high-end model.
This is one of the Top 21 Vocal Microphones for Production! If you want excellent quality and impressive results, all you have to do is to give any of these models a shot and the results will be amazing for sure!


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