Do you want to know how to start producing music? Producing music can be both a creative endeavor and daunting experience for anyone who is new to it. You can, however, have a lot of fun making music, but getting a good recording and arrangement of your song requires blood, sweat, tears, Oh, and knowledge.

Here are some professional tips on how to start producing music.

1. Get the Basics

Nearly every piece of music software/hardware people worked with today was learned personally without guidance. Although there are numerous materials and manuals all over the internet that can help in the production of music. It should, however, as a noob you have to understand that we cannot lay our hands on all these materials.

An essential MUST is to get yourself the bare essentials that will start off your tool shed of music production (for example a Digital Audio Workstation, MIDI Keyboard, Vocal Microphones, Audio Interface, Laptop or Desktop, an excellent pair of headphones).

2. Do Extensive Research

Google and YouTube have a plethora of useful information about producing music. It is highly suggested as an aspiring Music Producer to check those videos out. Along with other online courses, you can take. There is no reason to go to school to learn when the internet has massive amounts of free information, that of course if you are looking to work for a company then, by all means, do it up.

3. Grow Gradually

Most beginners jump into music production wanting to have the most amazing song in 3 minutes. Although it’s good to be zealous, it simply doesn’t happen this way. It takes years of hard work to perfect the art of making solid tracks.

And even after years of grueling trial and errors, things can still get difficult. Allow yourself to grow gradually by letting your ideas and skills grow over time.

4. Get The Recipe of Other Music Producers

Do research when learning how to produce music

Many talented artists make hits almost every day. As a beginner, focus on the tracks that inspire you and using them to help you craft your sound. Now, this does NOT mean biting other people’s styles or sounds but using their musical structure, their build ups, their sound design, and length of their song as a guide.

A lot of the time, tracks themselves are quite essential in sections. This method is very limited and could be considered by some as ‘riffing,' however as a beginner it is expedient to focus on a particular genre, let’s say electronic music, please remember to use these inspiring tracks for learning purposes and not re-creation.

5. Spice Up Your Ears With Variety

When you begin delivering music, you will frequently be inclined towards one principle type of decision. Sticking to one style taking into account what you hear in the club and what your friends play. However, even toward the start of your voyage, you should be flexible with your abilities and permit your uniqueness to discover you.

6. Make Turds and Polish Them

In real life, every producer wants to make 'out of this world' music! But, you may need to do some experiment with different synths, loops, and samples. Or in other words; make music that is going to make a dog want to run into traffic. During your first year of music production, a small chunk of your music will see the light of the day. Many might end up in the trash bin.


The truth is that no music producer can ever succeed without first making plenty of turds.

7. Connect with like-minded people

grow gradually when learning how to produce music

The most interesting thing is that the Internet has opened up communication lines like never before. When connected to like-minded and like-skilled artists, this can go a long way in teaching you so much more than reading a whole website or watching a tutorial. Even by following your favorite producers on Twitter and Facebook will give you some insight into how they reason, what they use and on occasion, a view of their studios.


Creating music isn't an exact science and can now and then make you utterly distraught. As impossible as it may seem to learn how to start producing music, by following some of these tips you can begin to understand how to start producing music!