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Best Music Production Software for Beginners – Top 5

June 19, 2016

Are you looking for the best Music production software for beginners? That you can start using to record and producing music your very own music from your desktop/computer?

Then this article will be helpful regarding finding the right software for you. Before you embark on your Music production quest, get familiar with the concept of VST (Virtual Studio Technology).

Before you “get to it” on your first digital recording session, you should ensure that your computer is efficient enough to be used as the primary device for your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Make sure your computer has at the least two gigabytes of RAM this should be sufficient to kick start your music production. One more thing to go is to install a proper ASIO driver for your audio interface, which will ensure that your system run with minimum latency, making it possible to play virtual instruments in reality.

Basics of Music Production Softwares

VST Plugins

VST was first brought in by Steinberg, for the use of their commercial products. Since then it has become popular that there are now thousands of different VST plugins. VST (Virtual Studio Technology) are separate programs called VST host. And they make use of the host applications functionality. Their use is for either effect, MIDI effects or instruments.

ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output)

ASIO is a particular kind of audio interface driver protocol developed such that it ensures minimum latency. Steinberg also added ASIO to their software. The same company that developed VST plugin.

The generic audio interface is the ones incorporated on computer motherboards. Download and install ASIO4ALL which ensures your low rated sound card run with minimum latency.


Best Music Production Software for Beginners

Fruity Loops Studio

FL Studio music production software

This software comes with pre-loaded with various virtual instruments which you can apply during music production. It is undoubtedly one of the best music production software for beginners.

Also, you will gain access to synthesizers, sample pads, 30+ drum machines and other effects. Composing and arranging your music just got a lot easier.

This is made possible by the MIDI recording method which influences the power of step sequencers. Fruity Loops supports a large number of plugins unlike most music producing software.

Since it is compatible with even some third-party VST Plugins, this further expands your music production abilities. It works only on Windows OS.


However, it has an excellent friendly interface. Here are some exciting features you get to enjoy.

[su_list icon=”icon: check-square-o” icon_color=”#13ba00″]
  • Extensive sound library
  • Intuitive multi-touch interface with tool descriptions
  • Comprehensive tech and customer support, including online video tutorials.
  • Lifetime license with new feature updates.
  • Free downloadable demo
  • Powerful MIDI recording step sequencer.

It is not complicated which makes it one of the top music production software for beginners. The two areas where it is most powerful is in electronic beat sampling and live instrument recording.


hydrogen music production software

Hydrogen is another music production software for beginners which has many features. It’s very hard to believe that it is available for free. It has a very simple to use interface, and it takes only a little time to learn which makes it the best music production software for beginners.

It has features which are related to sequencing and mixing. This music production software possesses powerful pattern-based sequencer which increases the number of pattern in a chain format to any song.

Hydrogen has a sample editor that can cut, paste and also add loops. Moreover, it also offers a multi-layered support for instruments with about 16 plus samples for every instrument.

This software has three full abilities which are solo, pan and mute.

Cool Features

However, songs can be imported or added and also exported from this music production software, and it also can play songs simultaneously. You might not get to like it at first, but you will get to know later on that it is one of the best music production software for beginners.

It possesses a free drum sequencer, which gives it the ability to change time signatures from 4/4 to 3/4. The onboard mixer is great, and it makes music production easy by dividing beats into smaller instances using the resolution function.

It has many other impressive features which by little experimentation and patience anyone can get the hang of this powerful production suite.

LMMS -Linux Multimedia Studio

If you want to learn how to start creating music, then Linux Multimedia Studio is one of the top music production software you can use. One of the most spectacular things about it is available to many platforms like Linux and Windows, unlike others.

It may be complex at first. However, each feature is self-explanatory which it makes easy for beginners to use.

It possesses features ranging from song editing through the song editor to mixing sounds and audios through an FX mixer, from melody composing through the Beat/Bassline Editor to the organization and editing of samples and pattern through Piano-Roll.

This music production software supports Hydrogen files and FL Studio files which you can import it through LMMS. However, you can find LMMS support by its online community, wiki, forums and user guidelines and tutorials.

Once you get used to it, it’s a pleasure to use even though it does not present the simplicity that Temper and Darkwave offer you don’t have to be put off by this. The end reward is high.

Consider This

It is kind of difficult to know where to begin when using this software because, as a standalone application one would be bent on finding a music production software that is more comprehensively full featured and versatile than this. With the help of LMMS Wiki, you can get through with using the software.

You don’t have to install any special plugin recorder since it’s possible to save sample files in both .wav and .ogg format. It also supports VST, VSTi, and LADSPA plugin.

Moreover, the onboard Beat/Baseline editor removes the need for a separate drum sequencer. LMMS is an excellent one of the best music production software for beginners you need to try out.

You also need to ensure your system meets the installation requirement of this application so that it will run smoothly without any hassles.


Audacity is a free music production and recording software for Windows OS. It is also one of the best music production software for beginners available.

It has a very easy and straightforward to use interface, also features a wide variety of features, and it is free. However, unlike other digital audio workstations (DAW), Audacity is more of a music editing app than a full production workstation.

However, it has some music production ability for the production of original mash-ups, remixes, and tracks. It is an intuitive and straightforward music recording software which requires no prior knowledge of DAW or music production to use, which is why it’s suitable for beginners.

It comes in handy for musicians who are already used to  DAWs, and they use it for raw audio recording and editing before processing the files along with other ones in the DAW.

Because Audacity does not have the ability to sequence or edit MIDI files, it is easy to outgrow even if it is one of the best music production software for beginners and use a more powerful one. However, another free software like LMMS will be good.

Apple Logic Pro

The name might seem a bit intimidating for beginners or those who are not so familiar with music production. Apple Logic Pro is a user-friendly audio recording software for people at all level from beginners to professionals.

Like most prominent Apple products, it runs mainly on Mac OS. The latest upgrade which is Logic Pro X 10.2 comes with a whole lot of features which makes it one of the best music production software for beginners. The Logic Pro X interface is very similar to the GarageBand, and it’s far more intuitive.

At the top right portion of the screen, there is a window where most of the music production and editing occurs. The upgraded version which is Logic Pro X 10.2 edition doesn’t feature any difference in the primary interface other than the fact that the Mix parameter and Level Compensation are on the main view.

Apple Logic Upgrade

Apple upgraded the Logic Pro X 10.2 with a huge alchemy library which features over 3000 sound presets. All of which includes 18 virtual instruments, 67 digital effects, and a massive loop library.

The software has a multiband EQ to tweak the recorded music. Also, the mixing console can take up to 255 MIDI and audio files with each controlling about 15 different effects. Also, the Transform Pad function allows you to select from 8 various variations of the pre-selected effects.

Logic Pro X also features a master sound morphine abilities which allow joining separate elements from up to four or more sources. Whichever one you prefer either new melodies, classic tones or spectral timbre, this DAW lets you carve out your sound even up to 38 different filters.

Moreover, you can connect MIDI instruments to serve as a peripheral device for music production. Logic Pro X can enlarge you production music collection with third-party plugins, and the fascinating thing is that you can integrate our plugins into the menu and also divide them into categories just to simplify and organize the interface.

Logic Pro X 10.2 might not be the simplest to use DAW, but beginners will get used to this music production software over time. It is idyllic for users seeking music production software that will help them a great deal.

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