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3 of The Best MIDI Keyboards for Ableton

June 19, 2016

Looking for the best MIDI keyboards for Ableton? This article will go over some of the finest selections of MIDIs for Ableton.

Ableton is one of the coolest programs for music creation, and it also has a white compatibility with many different Midi Controllers. When it comes to determining the best MIDI keyboards for Ableton, however, there are so many options which are available for use with this music production software. Finding a good keyboard controller for Ableton could almost instantly help you to become a much better music producer.

Making the right investment in a midi controller will just make creation much simpler and allow you to produce much more professional effects. Here are the best many keyboards available for Ableton right now:


3 of The Best MIDI Keyboards for Ableton


1. Akai APC 40 MK 2:


The Akai APC 40 MK2 is one of the best current pads available. Although this can take some time to get used to because of the smaller sizes of the pads, this is a USB powered secure and professional device. With channel faders, eight different device controls, and a Master Fader, it’s very quick to map and extremely responsive. The visual feedback and controls on this make planning and using the program live much easier. Although this option isn’t so compact as some of the other MIDIs listed, if you need a great addition to your home studio or something professional for live performances.

2. Ableton Push:


The Ableton Push was designed and created directly by
The developers at Ableton. As a result, it’s tough to find a controller that can produce the same type of capabilities and compatibility. The biggest problem with the Ableton Push doesn’t come with its function but its price. Ableton Push is one of the most expensive midi controllers for use with Ableton Live, but it’s likely an investment that would last you for many years. It’s tough to find another Ableton controller that can stack up to this one or pair so intelligently with the software as the controller and the program are made to work for each other.

3. M-audio Oxygen:

This controller is one of the most budget-friendly midi controllers for Ableton that works reasonably well. With eight different assignable knobs and nine different sliders, the entire bus powered system runs with high compatibility. If you need a good budget friendly option, this is a great piece of equipment has different key counts; 61 key, 49 key, and 25 key.

Keep any of these options in mind as some of the best Midi Keyboards for Ableton.


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