5 of The Best Headphones for Music Production | How to Start Music Production

5 of The Best Headphones for Music Production

June 28, 2016

Looking for the best headphones for music production or looking to start music production? Look no further, You are at the right place.

It is as important to have a good pair of headphones for music production as it is to have a comfortable bed. After all, you are going to need it for multiple tasks like mixing, recording, editing, sound designing and most importantly long sessions of creating some head banging beats!

MUST for Headphones When Producing

1. Balanced frequency:

The best headphones for music production should always have an equal rate. Equal frequency means that all the sounds in the headphone have to be of the same frequency. It is so important because while producing music you have to take care of those little cracks and high pitch of the source sound.

2. Comfortable:

You must always pick a comfortable pair of headphones, after all, you have to go through those long sessions. Which can be quite tiring, and it gives you some not so beautiful ear fatigue. Always pick a well cushioned, spongy and an ear-friendly headphone, one that’s built for cushion and not for speed (if you know what I mean 😉 ).


  • There are two types of headphones, i.e., circumaural and supra-aural both differ from each other.
  • The circumaural has cups that surround the whole ear hence giving a more comfortable wear. It is also good for sound isolation and cancels out the sounds in a background, so if you mostly produce music in a noisy environment, this type of headphone will do a great job for you.
  • The supra-aural headphones, however, have cups that press against the ear. Therefore, it does not provide a comfortable wear, on the contrary, it is very light weighted which makes it quite handy but in backgrounds where there is a lot of noise, this headphone will provide you no coverage hence it is always best to go circumaural headphones as the cover every aspect of music production.


If you are under an accurate and affordable budget, it can be quite tricky because what works the best for one may not for the other. Everyone has their priorities in looking for the headphones they need.

Experts say that:

the more you invest in headphones, the better quality you get for music production.

However, some things like frequency, sensitivity, and the impedance should be understood.

Because it is critical to know the specifications of a headphone according to your needs. Keeping all the important factors in view, we have made a newly updated list of the top quality headphones for music production.

All the products in the list represent the best quality of specs as in comparison to other products of the same price. Hence it will help you in picking the best quality headphone for music production or starting music production.

1. AKG Pro Audio K712

  • Specially designed for precise listening and audio mixing hence allowing you to mix your music more accurately.
  • AKG-K712 is an over ear headphone which will give you a fatigue free environment in those long sessions.
  • Having an attractive gold finish, an excellent lightweight leather headband and weight of 235 gm.
  • This headphone is your last relief if you get too tired in the studio as it guarantees those cozy, spongy and cushioned circumaural cups which will never let you loose the grip.

2. Focal Spirit Professional

A well known French company Focal has put together their 34 years experience in manufacturing of this masterpiece headphone.

  • This circumaural scratch resistant headphone is specially designed to cover your whole ear.
  • So, if you mostly produce music at home or in a noisy background, his headphone can be the best option for you.
  • With this high-quality noise cancellation headphone, you get two cables which will significantly fulfill your requirements and also a foamy storage case in which you can safely keep your headphones just in case you are traveling somewhere.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO

  • The original German-made Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro is the best dynamic circumaural headphone at its price.
  • Provides an analytical, transparent, well-balanced sound with depth and clear bass.
  • It comes in a leather case with ¼” converter to convert DT 880 to a 6.5mm headphone jack.
  • The headpiece is steel and leather with all parts replaceable.
  • The cups are semi-soft primarily designed for a long time wear with a velvety finish, best suitable for small ears.
  • Weighing at 290 gm and with a non-removable coiled, helical, untangle-able cable.




4. Audio- Technica ATH M50x

  • The Audio Technica’s ATH M50x comes in white and a limited edition of an unusual dark green color.
  • A successor to M40x the Audio Technica’s ATH M50x promises an extraordinary clear sound with a very precise base.
  • Extremely well made for every situation, from studio recording to Dj monitoring to everyday song listening.
  • It has quite a light weight of 285g which makes it quite easy to carry.
  • The circumaural headphones of the ATH M50x provide comfort in noisy environments with 45mm rare earth magnets.
  • Rotate the cup 90° for one ear monitoring which is a plus point for if you are producing music.
  • Removable audio cable, in case, you ever damage it, it will an easy fix.

5. Sony MDR 7506

  • One of the top rated headphones for decades.
  • One if its unique features are that it produces a loud but the best quality of sound which makes it distinctive from other headphones at this price range.
  • An extraordinary clarity in the sound guaranteed due to its high impedance.
  • Works great as monitoring headphones in the studio, radio studios and almost in every place where an excellent quality of sound is needed.
  • The Sony MDR 7506 comes with attractive and ravishing gold connectors and a highly professional oxygen free copper cord.
  • The cups of this headphone are circumaural which makes it so much comfortable to wear.
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