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The Best Audio Interfaces Under 500 Bucks

June 19, 2016

Looking for the best audio interfaces under 500 bucks? Use this article as a reference when purchasing your first audio interface, for the money conscious music producer.

The audio interface is viable the heart of any computer-based home recording studio, and so it’s important to make the right choice so you get the best results since a wrong decision will constrain you in what you need to accomplish with your music.

Whether you are utilizing a small MacBook or a powerful PC desktop, you’re going to need an audio recording device for your microphones and instruments.

The following interfaces are some ideas for a budget conscious recording studio. Chances are, in case you’re simply beginning, you won’t require an extensive interface with lots of inputs but instead a small compact one that sounds great.

Best Audio Interfaces

 1. M-Audio Fast Track Ultra


The M-Audio Fast Track Ultra is a compact and straightforward USB audio interface and one of the best audio interfaces under 500 bucks and for the individuals who do not necessarily need a lot of inputs. Two XLR and two line inputs, the Fast Track is compact and suitable for your startup home studio.


2. Focusrite Saffire Pro 14


With eight channels in and six out, two dedicated XLR microphone inputs and 24 bit/96kHz recording, this most recent in the Saffire group of firewire interfaces is an excellent contender to fight for the spot to becoming your first audio interface



3. Apogee Duet


On the off chance that you need something easy and straightforward with good A/D converters, then the Duet is for you. It’s minuscule and portable and has two XLR inputs/pre-amps. They have come up with the Duet 2, and you can start with this Apogee Duet for now at an affordable price.


4. Alesis iO 2


The Alesis iO|26 Firewire interface is a highly recommended Alesis products. They have been around for quite a while, and they produce excellent items, regardless of budget. On the off chance that you are just in need of a small USB audio interface with two microphone inputs, I wouldn’t hesitate to get this one.



5. TASCAM US-1641


Like Alesis, Tascam has done fairly well and has become well known in the recording industry. This interface is more geared towards those that need to record more than just a few things at the same time. It has eight dedicated mic inputs, but an additional 8 line inputs for DI’d instruments such as keyboards and bass guitars.



6. TC Electronic Impact Twin


TC Electronic Impact Twin is a great audio interface from TC Electronic. It has all sort of goodies, fourteen inputs, two microphone pre-amps, Midi I/O and onboard effects, compression and EQ. Pretty good for something under 500.



7. Lexicon I-ONIX

This sleek audio interface is new from the Lexicon barracks.
Lexicon has a reputation for making excellent recording equipment and as a client of their Lambda interface, I can vouch for the quality of their budget interfaces.

What is your favorite audio interface from this list? Comment below!

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