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5 of The Best Computers For Music Production

June 18, 2016

With more and more реорlе using their laptops and home computers for music production, many ask “What are the best computers for music production.” No mаttеr whiсh bеаt bаѕеd genre of muѕiс interests you, there аrе some viable options in tеrmѕ оf computers.

While ѕоmе аrtiѕtѕ ѕwеаr by various PC оr Mac models, thе truth iѕ that mоѕt соmрutеrѕ аrе more thаn сараblе of producing high ԛuаlitу muѕiс.

Best Computers For Music Production

1. CybertronPC Patriot GM1293A


  • CybertronPC Patriot is a highly affordable PC. It has a high, rugged design. This computer was initially intended for gaming, but will work just as well making it one of the best computers for music production.
  • 8GB is plenty for doing some serious sound design and audio processing in any DAW.
  • A massive 1TB hard drive, that you can use to store a ton of sample packs, audio plugins, and software without worrying about running out of space.
  • For its processor, the CybertronPC uses an AMD-A4 chip. It runs very quickly, even when multitasking.


2. Dell Inspiron 3000

  • For just a few pennies more, you get a PC with a sleek and minimalist design.
  • Just like the Patriot, the Inspiron 3000 has 16GB of ram and a 2TB hard drive. The Inspiron does tend to run a bit smoother than the Patriot.
  • This computer has extraordinarily silent fans! If you are keeping the Inspiron under your desk, you’ll rarely hear it unless you are doing insanely heavy audio work.
  • On the Inspiron, you get a generous amount of USB ports. There is a total of 8 ports for all of your MIDI Controllers.


3. Dell XPS


  • Dell XPS is a large 27” all-in-one computer. If you like the design of Apple’s iMacs, but are a Windows user, for a fraction of the price you can get a Dell XPS.
  • There are 8GB of ram on the Del XPS. It won’t be a challenge for the XPS to multitask between many different programs.
  • You will find two hard drives on the XPS, one of them is a gigantic 2TB hard drive and the other is a 32GB solid state hard drive.
  • An additional 32GB solid state drive stores the operator to make for faster boot times. A feature I liked about the XPS was, it supports two-finger pinching.
  • Two-finger pinching makes zooming in a breeze! It comes in handy to zoom in on different tracks within a DAW.


4. Mac Mini


  • For less than $700, you can get your hands on the high-performing Mac Mini. Don’t let the price fool you! This baby has power!
  • CPU on the Mac Mini is an Intel dual-core i5 processor. Although not an i7, it still manages to run incredibly smooth.
  • There is a 1TB hard drive on the Mac Mini. For how compact the computer is, this is a bit surprising.
  • You’ll get 8GB of ram. I’ve heard of people using the Mac Mini for video production without any issues.
  • Based on the fact that rendering video uses more CPU than any DAW would, it’s no doubt that the Mini would excel in most of the computers for music production that are listed.
  • Mac Mini’s display port uses Apple’s particular ‘Mini-Display’ port. Unless you are going to purchase an Apple Monitor, you’ll probably need an adapter as well.


5. iMac 27″


iMac models range in a variety of sizes, but the 27 inch tends to be the most ideal of computers for music production. For less than two grand, you can pick up a 27 inch iMac.

27 inch iMac has a quad-core i5 processor. The quad-core i5 processor This gives you plenty of power even when using a lot of plugin effect chains on your tracks. The hard drive is 1TB.

You’ll have a very tough time running out of space. If you are interested in recording with GarageBand, the software is included free of charge. You also get a variety of other software such as the iLife and iWork package.

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